Welcome to Murray Avenue's virtual celebration of Autism Acceptance Month!
We invite you to explore these resources with us as you reflect on the contribution that
people with autism have made to our world.

Autism Acceptance month bulletin board created by Mrs. Federinko and her students!

eBooks & Audiobooks Featuring Protagonists and Authors with Autism

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When Axel finds an orphaned eaglet after the storm, he learns to navigate both the joy of helping the eaglet survive and the confusion of his father's sudden presence in his life.

Eleven-year-old knuckleball pitcher Vivy Cohen, who has autism, becomes pen pals with her favorite Major League baseball player after writing a letter to him as an assignment for her social skills class.

When she discovers that her small Scottish town used to burn witches simply because they were different, a neurodivergent girl who sees and hears things others cannot refuses to let them be forgotten.

(YA, 8th grade+) Friends Finn, Liva, Maddy, Carter, and Ever begin a farewell round of the game they have played for three years, but each is hiding secrets and the game itself seems to turn against them.

Autistic and nearly nonverbal, twelve-year-old Nova is happy in her new foster home and school, but eagerly anticipates the 1986 Challenger launch, for which her sister, Bridget, promised to return.

Sometimes Charity cannot control her body and because she has low-functioning autism, Charity cannot communicate her thoughts to anyone else, even though she feels all of the frustrations, fears, and doubts of a typical thirteen-year-old.

Thirteen-year-old Frankie is neurodivergent: she can't stand to be touched, loud she's easily distracted, and hates changes to her routine. When Colette, her one friend, vanishes, Frankie tries to find her before it's too late.

Biography of Temple Grandin, who advocates for cruelty-free facilities for livestock and is a spokesperson for people with autism.