Ramadan is an important holiday for Muslims which is observed from March 22nd to April 20th this year. Muslims fast while it’s light outside and once the sun sets, families meet for meals that may include stew, rice, dates, and lentils. For the hundreds of millions of Muslims around the world who observe Ramadan, the month is a time to focus on their faith and also perform generous acts.
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Watch this video to learn more about Ramadan and how it is observed. What makes Ramadan such a special time? How is it similar to a holiday that you celebrate? How is it different? How do you imagine that observing this holiday may affect a student during the school day

Eid al-Fitr is the three-day festival that marks the end of the holy month of Ramadan. It is an occasion of peace and joy. People gather at mosques for Eid prayers, visit relatives, indulge in delicious festive meals, and contribute to charity. Click on the image at left to watch a video with more information!

There are many delicious foods associated with the celebration at the end of Ramadan, from the sweet maamoul biscuits and sheer khurma to the savory bolani and lapis legit.

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